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The Bitcoin Trend App system claims to turn people into millionaires by the end of the year. Sure, it would be nice to dump a bunch of cash into a HYIP like this, and become filthy rich by year’s end.

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However, as we all know, life does not work that we. We are here today doing this Bitcoin Trend App scam review to provide you with fair warning about this bogus cryptocurrency investment opportunity.

Bitcoin Trend App Software – ONLY A FEW SPOTS LEFT!

One of the most glaring and obvious scam factors that came to our attention in regards to this Bitcoin Trend App program has to do with the claim of there being only a few spots left. Folks, this is one of the oldest and dirtiest tricks in any shady marketer’s books. They claim that there are only a few spots left for you to join. They create a lot of pressure by saying that if you miss this opportunity, you will lose your chance to become the next BTC millionaire for life.

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That is right, these crooks are trying to trick people into signing up for this Bitcoin Trend App trading tool by saying that you will miss out on becoming filthy rich if you don’t sign up this very second. Folks, this is nothing more than a shady marketing ploy, and it definitely is not true. These criminals want to take as much cash from as many people as possible. They are not about to limit the number of people who steal from. It’s just a dirty trick.

Bitcoin Trend App User Testimonials – BOGUS!

When it comes to Bitcoin Trend App trading software, and other big scam factor that we noticed has to do with the Bitcoin Trend App user testimonials. The website features exactly 4 user testimonials, and no, that is not an impressive number in the least. Either there are not many people who are happy with this software, or the scammers who created it were too lazy to make more than 4 bogus Bitcoin Trend App user testimonials. Well, we know for a fact that these user testimonials are made up out of thin air.

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The names used for the testimonials are not genuine, and the faces which are portraying these users are stolen or purchased stock images. The people who you see leaving these Bitcoin Trend App user testimonials are nothing more than fake and fictitious characters. We have talked to many people who have invested money with this BTC trading software so far, and every single last one of them has gotten scammed out of their money. There is absolutely no reason to believe that these user testimonials are real at all.

Bitcoin Trend App Program – Who Runs The Show?

The next red flag which popped up here has to do with the people behind the Bitcoin Trend App. Who exactly these people are, we have no clue. There is not a single mention on the whole website about who is in charge here. There is not a single shred of proof that anybody reputable owns or runs this Bitcoin trading system. This is not a good sign in the least.

How can we possibly trust our hard earned cash with these guys if they refuse to tell us who they are? They only reason why the owners of this scam don’t want us knowing who they are is because they are doing something fully illegal. They want to steal your cash, but they don’t want to go to prison. It’s as simple as that. And don’t get us started on any kind of country of origin, registration, or licensing, because as far as we can tell, it’s all just a huge load of lies.



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Bitcoin Trend App Autotrader – TOTALLY FREE??

Yet another super suspicious aspect of this Bitcoin Trend App program is that it claims to be 100% totally free. As far as the website is concerned, there are no costs, fees, or commissions, associated with this system at all. The site claims that the software is free to use because everybody profits when the value of Bitcoin rises. No, it does not make any sense at all.

Folks, any product or piece of trading software worth using is going to cost money, a lot of it probably. Nothing in this world is free and nobody is going to create a top notch BTC trading app just to give it away for free. It does not make any sense, and considering that these crooks steal money from people, it really is not free to use at all.

Bitcoin Trend App System – RISKIER NOT TO INVEST??

Perhaps one of the most ridiculous statements made on the Bitcoin Trend App website is that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are not going anywhere, will increase in value, and make for a very safe investment. In fact, the site states that it is riskier to not invest in cryptocurrencies and BTC than it is to invest.

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Honestly, in all our years of chopping scams down to size, we have never heard statements or claims as profoundly stupid as this. Investing in anything involves risk, and not investing your money means that you are not risking it. Sure, you might miss out on a profitable opportunity, but there is also no risk involved. The claim of it being riskier to not invest than to invest is just absurd, laughably so.

Is The Bitcoin Trend App Program Profitable?

No, of course not, this is a scam and there is no money to be made here. The Bitcoin Trend App site claims that investing $250 will turn you into a millionaire by the end of the year. Well, for one, there is no mention of how this is to be done at all. Next, we have talked to many people, as we mentioned before, and nobody has a good thing to say. From what we have gathered, this Bitcoin Trend App scam is not only not profitable, but it outright steals the investment capital which victims deposit.

Bitcoin Trend App Review – Final Thoughts

There is really nothing left to day here. Everything about this Bitcoin Trend App screams SCAM, and you need to stay away from it at all costs.


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