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Weed, cannabis, pot, whatever you want to call it, the Weed Millionaire trading app claims to be able to make you filthy rich through trading it. The story here is that this Weed Millionaire autotrader does all of the heavy lifting for you. Simply download the software, deposit money into your trading account, and watch as the app generates winning stock trades for you. Sounds like a great deal right? Well, we are not quite as convinced here.

Sure, it sounds like a great way for you to make some quick cash off the booming pot market, especially in Canada. However, when it comes to this Weed Millionaire autotrader, there are quite a few big time scam factors that came to our attention. We are here today doing this Weed Millionaire scam review to find out exactly what is going on here. Yeah, the weed market is worth a whole of cash, billions in fact, but is this Weed Millionaire system worth your time? Let’s find out right now.

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Weedmillionaireapp.com – A Mess of Useless Information

Before we get into the owners and profitability of the Weed Millionaire app, let’s talk about the website itself. If you take a close look at weedmillionaireapp.com, you will notice that there is barely any real or legit information about the trading app itself. The website is littered with random facts about pot or cannabis, and random stock information as well.

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It talks about the up and coming weed industry, especially in relation to countries like Canada which has fully legalized it for recreational use. Now, while the information included on the website might not be false per say, in terms significance in relation to the Weed Millionaire app, it is totally meaningless.

Not only does the website feature a jumble of useless facts and info, but it also just does not look nice. Weedappmillionaire.com looks like it was created overnight by a middle school student. It just looks really bad. Moreover, the presentation video on the website is simply a mash up of random news clips concerning pot, not actual information about the Weed Millionaire app itself. This is definitely not a good start to say the least.


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Weed Millionaire Trading App – Fake News Mentions

The next Weed Millionaire scam factor which came to our attention here is that it claims to have been featured on various big time news outlets including CNBC, CNN, and Forbes. This is not true and very misleading to say the least. Sure, all of these news outlets have covered marijuana in some respect or another, especially in relation to its legalization in Canada.

However, what is not true is that this Weed Millionaire app has been featured on these news outlets. Folks, these media outlets have never mentioned the Weed Millionaire system, not even in passing. It’s just a massive lie to gain attention and garner trust, when in fact neither Forbes nor CNN has ever even heard of these crooks.

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Weed Millionaire Autotrader – Anonymous!

Yet another red flag that came to our attention here is that this Weed Millionaire trading system is totally faceless and anonymous. The website, weedmillionaireapp.com, does not make a single mention of company ownership or leadership. When it comes to who owns and/or runs this automated trading system for pot stocks, we are left totally in the dark.

This is very suspicious to say the least. After all, if this were a legit system, the owners would be more than happy to make a name for themselves. The only reason why the owners of the Weed Millionaire system choose to stay anonymous is because they are doing something illegal.

Yes, it is also worth mentioning that the website does not list where this Weed Millionaire company is based, when it was opened, or if it is officially registered. As far as we can tell, this autotrader for pot stocks is not licensed, regulated, registered, and it is not transparent either. It’s another blow to the Weed Millionaire app that is going to bury it real fast.

Weed Millionaire App – Does It Work?

Another Weed Millionaire scam factor worth mentioning here is that the app grossly exaggerates its claims of success. Here we are told that this autotrader uses bulletproof technology that accurately makes cannabis stock trades for us. Allegedly, this application can generate ITM rates of nearly 100%, 97.7% as the website says. Folks, there is not a single automated trading app out there which can win 100% of trades.

Sure, there are some good automated trading systems out there, ones that can achieve win rates of 70% or even 85%, but not 99.7%. This is not true or realistic. Moreover, we have already talked to quite a few people who have been scammed out of their cash by this Weed Millionaire system. People report depositing money to trade with, then simply having all funds disappear into thin air. This is a surefire way of telling that there is a scam afoot here. People are losing money, not making it.

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Bogus Weed Millionaire Testimonials

The other thing we want to mention is how all Weed Millionaire user testimonials are totally bogus. The names of the people who left these testimonials are totally made up. Moreover, the faces used to create these fictitious characters are just bought or stolen images from across the web. Folks, the Weed Millionaire user testimonials are not real in any way, shape, or form. They are not to be trusted in the least!

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Weed Millionaire Scam Review – Final Thoughts

The final word here is that this Weed Millionaire scam is a complete rip off. It is designed to take advantage of the upcoming weed market in Canada. It hopes to lure in people who think that they can make some quick bucks through pot stock trading. Yes, weed is worth a heck of a lot of money, but the same cannot be said for the Weed Millionaire app. Sure, go trade weed stocks, as right now is the time to do so, but don’t do it with this bogus and totally fake Weed Millionaire scam!


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