HashShiny.io Scam Review – Real Miner?

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HashShiny.io software claims to be the world’s best and most diverse cryptocurrency mining operations with big time profits. There is little to no evidence to support any of the claims made on the HashShiny.io website, but more than enough scam factors. This is our HashShiny.io scam review and we are here to keep you safe from crypto mining scams!


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HashShiny.io Mining App – Leadership & Company

First off, when it comes to this HashShiny mining application, we are never told who the leaders are. There is absolutely no information present about the company leadership or ownership, and this is a big problem. How could we possibly trust our hard earned money with these guys when we have no idea who they really are? Yes, there is a section on the website which talks about the team, but the information there is totally useless. The information in regards to the HashShiny.io team pretty much just boils down to “we are experts and we know what we are doing”. This is definitely not very convincing is it?

Moreover, when it comes to the company behind this HashShiny.io mining system, it is claimed that Hash BlockChain Limited Co. is behind it. There is no way to verify the identity, validity, or licensing or this corporation. It appears to be based out of Hong Kong, but almost none of the traffic originates from there, which is also very suspicious. Also, we tried getting into contact with these guys, and of course, we had no luck whatsoever. It’s not a good start and it is clear evidence that something shady is going on here.


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HashShiny.io BTC Miner – Unverifiable Claims & Images

What also came to our attention about this HashShiny.io mining system is that there are tons of unverifiable claims made on the website. Let’s talk about a few of them right now.

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  • It is claimed that over 65,000 people are using HashShiny.io software for mining various cryptocurrencies. There is no proof of this. What is also interesting is that another section of the website claims that there are over 75,000 people using this BTC and crypto mining software. Big time discrepancies like this, when it comes to numbers, are a sign that there is something shady going on here. Inconsistencies like these are never reassuring.
  • The HashShiny.io website claims that “we have the best price on electricity” and that “we have the newest hardware”. While these claims sound great, they are not verifiable in any way at all.
  • The website also states that there are data center locations for crypto mining in various countries including Mongolia and China. This is also unverifiable, and besides some second rate photography, there is no way to prove this.

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HashShiny.io User Testimonials – Real?

The HashShiny.io website has a bunch of user testimonials. These HashShiny.io user testimonials only feature a sentence or two each, they do not have real names, and no images of the people who left them. This has to be one of the absolute worst attempts that we have ever seen at creating fake or phony user testimonials. There is no way we could ever trust them as it is totally obvious that they are 100% bogus.

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HashShiny.io Software – Use Of Traffic Exchange Sites

Another red flag that came to our attention in regards to HashShiny.io mining software is that it is using traffic exchange websites to boost their traffic and ratings. Most of the traffic actually comes from referral based sources, close to 50% of it, with 90% of that coming from adbtc.top. This is a common tactic used by mining and investment scams like this to make themselves seem more legitimate, when it fact it is all just a bunch of lies.


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Does The HashShiny.io Miner Provide Profits?

Well, the HashShiny.io website apparently offers a number of mining pools that you can invest in. Now, we are not about to go over all of the hash rates and different cryptocurrencies which can be mined for, as there are supposedly many of them. It is actually somewhat useless to talk about all of the different cryptocurrencies which can be mined for here, as well as the hash rates and alleged ROIs either. The fact of the matter is that there is just no proof that any such crypto mining ever goes on here.

Moreover, we have received complaints from many people out there who have lost their money. It seems as though this HashShiny.io mining system is set up so that you invest your money, and then it disappears into thin air. As far as we can tell, not a single person who has invested money into any crypto mining pool here has made a profit. This is a telltale sign that the HashShiny.io system is indeed a rip off. If it was legit, there would be happy users and profits to speak of, both of which there are none.

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HashShiny.io Referral Program – A Ponzi Scheme?

The HashShiny.io mining app also appears to be a total Ponzi scheme and a pyramid scheme. The website claims that from every referral you make, you will get a 10% commission on their purchase and profits. Folks, nobody is going to ever provide you with a full 10% lifetime commission on all profits and the purchase made. It would be a losing formula for the HashShiny.io system without a doubt. There is also the fact that we have gotten several complaints from people who have never gotten these referral bonuses as promised.

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HashShiny.io Review – Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that this HashShiny.io mining system is clearly not reliable. When it comes down to it, all we can see about it are complaints and angry customers. From what we have gathered, nobody here has ever been able to make a profit, which speaks for itself. Sure, if you want to lose money, then by all means invest in this HashShiny.io app. However, if you are serious about your investments, and you actually like making money, then it is highly recommended you stay away from this crypto mining scam.


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