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AWS Mining can be found at and it claims to be a reliable and profitable crypto miner. Yes, it does appear to be fairly legit from the outside, but we do have some major concerns. We are here right now doing this AWS Mining scam review to find out exactly what is going on here and if you should invest your hard earned money with it.

AWS Mining


AWS Mining HYIP – The Team

One thing which needs to be discussed in regards to this AWS Mining system is who is in charge of it. Now, the website does have a little section which gives us some insight into the team behind this online miner. If you look on the site, there are well over one dozen team members listed. However, all we get to see of them is their faces, combined with some names.

The problem here is that it is literally impossible to confirm whether or not these people are real. We did some research here into some of the main people, more than 5 of them actually, and we came up totally empty. None of these people appear to have any online presence, whether social media or otherwise.

Sure, the people behind the AWS Mining app might just not want a lot of attention and don’t want to be contacted on social media. However, this does seem very unlikely, as people who are the leadership position of a business like this usually always want to be known to further their own causes. The fact that we cannot find any legit or real information about the AWS Mining leadership team does not inspire confidence in the least.

AWS Mining


AWS Mining System – The Company

Yet another thing which needs to be discussed here is that the AWS Mining company does not appear to be registered or licensed. Yes, we are told that the company is based in Australia, with mining facilities located in in Russia, Mongolia, China, Paraguay, and a couple of other places too. When it comes to evidence to back any of this up, the results are negligible at best.

For one, the website does not display any information in regards to licensing, registration, or being a legit company of any kind. We at least want to see legit documents proving that is actually registered and has an official standing in Australia, where it is based. However, of course, neither the website nor anywhere else has information in regards to this.

In terms of other alleged mining facilities being located in any of the other countries listed above, there is also no concrete proof. When it comes down to it, there is not a single shred of evidence which can prove that this AWS Mining company is in fact legit, registered, licensed, or that it has a legal standing of any sort. This is supposed to be a financial investment company, which requires licensing, so not having concrete evidence that it is the real deal is certainly not very convincing.  

AWS Mining


AWS Mining Software – How Does it Work?

Ok, so the AWS Mining system is supposed to be a cryptocurrency mining operation. The claim here is that there are several mining farms located across the world. We have already discussed how there is no concrete proof of this. However, the real kicker here is that we are never told which cryptocurrencies are mined for. Yes, this is a mention of Bitcoin, but other than that, there is no information provided to us here.

If we are expected to invest our hard earned money with this AWS Mining system, we definitely want to know which cryptocurrencies are being mined for. Moreover, if you know anything about cryptocurrencies, you know that mining is very expensive, and that it is not all that profitable anymore. Assuming that this AWS Mining HYIP is legit, being able to provide such high returns as is promised here certainly does not seem realistic.


AWS Mining App – What Are The Profits Like?

Well, we are told that can provide us with returns of around 200% in 8 months. Now, the claims to fame here are a lot less than other crypto and Bitcoin scams out there. However, none the less, claiming to be able to triple your original investment in just 8 months does seem to be a little too good to be true. Sure, we might expect something like a 50% ROI in 1 year, which is already pushing the boundaries of realism.

Yet, 200% in 8 months really does not seem legit. There is also the fact that we have received some complaints from disgruntled users of the AWS Mining system. From what we can tell, they do not provide their investors with profits as promised. Yes, some have gotten a few bucks back, but nothing near what has been promised. Therefore, while we cannot outright say that AWS Mining is a scam, it is certainly very suspicious and lacks trust.

AWS Mining


AWS Mining Investment Program – Is It A Ponzi Scheme?

When it comes down to it, the AWS Mining system does appear to be somewhat of a Ponzi scheme. Now, admittedly, we are a bit on the fence here, but the evidence certainly indicates that this AWS Mining miner is less than trustworthy or realistic.

They promise massive returns, but how these are generated is somewhat unclear. And, when it comes to providing these returns to investors, there seem to be very mixed reviews, with more than a few customers being less than pleased with the results.




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AWS Mining Scam Review – Final Thoughts

Ok, so we are not going to say outright that this AWS Mining HYIP is a scam, as there is not enough evidence to say either way. However, the fact that there is so little information about it is certainly not convincing and does not inspire confidence. At the very least, this AWS Mining system just does not work well and is a waste of time, and at the worst, it is a scam. It is hard to tell at this point, but we do think that you should stay away from this AWS Mining program. It is a very risky venture and we do not think that you will ever get your money back here.


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