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The Income Mentor Box Academy currently seems to be the number one day trading school in the world. It has already received rave reviews and there are tons of great testimonials regarding it so far. For all intents and purposes, if you want to learn to trade stocks, Forex, CFD, indices, or commodities, the Income Mentor Box Academy is where you want to learn it from. Andrew, the leader of this day trading course, is a highly skilled trader that has been in the game for years. Honestly, there is probably no one else we would rather be learning this from than him.

Income Mentor Box Academy

Now, in case you are wondering what the cost of the Income Mentor Box Academy is, it is $299. This is a one-time payment and there are no hidden fees. For this low price, you will get full and unlimited access to all course materials. Currently there are over 51 day trading tutorial videos, all headed by Andrew himself. You will also get a free trading EBook, as well as access to a private member’s chat area.

Even better is that the Income Mentor Box Academy provides free trading signals on their Facebook page. As a member of the academy, you will gain access to this Facebook page where you will get up to 12 trading signals per day. These signals can be stock, CFD, Forex, or commodities signals. The beauty here is that these signals are super easy to use. Just copy and paste them into your trading platform or broker of choice, and watch as the money rolls in. However, the main thing we are here to talk about today are the various Income Mentor Box Academy tips, trading lessons, and tutorial videos which Andrew does.

Income Mentor Box Academy Trading Tips & Strategies Covered

Let’s just go over the current and newest day trading tutorials which the Income Mentor Box Academy has released for your benefit. Keep in mind that these trading tips and lessons are intended for beginners. They are made to be especially easy to understand, but are still more than comprehensive and effective enough for professional traders to put to use as well.

Price Action Tips

One of the newest videos which Andrew and the Income Mentor Box Academy have released has to do with price action tips. This tutorial is fantastic for learning price action tips, and for avoiding mistakes when using the support and resistance trading strategy. It’s an invaluable lesson that every day trader needs to pay attention to.

Stop Loss & Take Profit

Another new video released by these guys has to do with stop loss and take profit levels. We do like this video a lot because it reinforces the fact that as a day trader, you need to cut your losses, minimize risk, and maximize profits, all while remembering to not be too greedy. It’s another lesson that needs to be learned.

Leverage & Margin

Leveraging your Forex and other kinds of trades is certainly a bit risky, but on the other hand, it also allows you to multiply your profits by a whole lot. If you want to multiply profits and learn about leveraging trades, this features Income Mentor Box Academy tutorial is what you need to look at.

Buy Stop, Buy Limit, Sell Stop, Sell Limit

There is no doubt about the fact that this is a bit complicated. Knowing the difference between but stop, buy limit, sell stop, and sell limit is crucial if you plan on being successful as a day trader. Here, Andrew has made this concept very easy to understand as he explains it to you in just a few minutes.

Calculating Pips

When you trade, you are probably always face with the word “pips”. Pips need to be calculated right, and this is how you know exactly how much profit or loss you have incurred. Being able to properly calculate pips is something that every trader needs to know how to do. Andrew and the Income Mentor Box Academy have gone to great lengths to ensure that you know what pips are all about.

Moving Averages & Bollinger Bands

When it comes to Forex trading strategies, and other day trading strategies, one of the most effective and simple to master strategies is the moving average and Bollinger Bands strategy. The below video explains how you can make money using this super user friendly day trading strategy.

Finding Forex & CFD Trades

Being able to find good Forex and CFD trades is at the center of being a profitable day trader. This Income Mentor Box Academy lesson will teach you how to find good Forex and CFD trades, and will help you identify whether or not they are worth executing a trade with.

Technical & Fundamental Analysis

As any professional day trader knows, being able to engage in solid technical and fundamental analysis is extremely important. It’s how you know which positions you want to open, which signals to work with, and what kind of trade to place, whether buy or sell. A keen understanding of both technical and fundamental analysis is key for long term trading success.



At the end of the day, these lessons and tutorials we have talked about are just a fraction of the materials which you will cover with the Income Mentor Box Academy. There is much, much more to cover. These are just some of the most important and current Income Mentor Box Academy lesson that you can take a look at.

The bottom line is that there are literally dozens of video tutorials, lessons, readings, and other course materials to turn you into a professional and successful day trader. The bottom line is that you need a good teacher and a good course to become a pro day trader, a successful one. As far as we are concerned, there is just nothing better than the Income Mentor Box Academy.

Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy

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