Satominer Review – BTC MINING SCAM??


If you have looked at the Satominer cloud miner, you might have been tempted to invest in it. Well, this might just be a massive mistake, because there is a lot of shadiness involved here. This is our Satominer scam review and we are here to find out exactly what is going on.


Satominer Company Leadership

One of the first scam factors that came to our attention here has to do with the Satominer company’s leadership. Who is in charge here?  We certainly do not know. There is nowhere on the whole website which provides any information about company ownership or leadership. Not a single thing.

This is very suspicious to say the least. If this were really a legit Bitcoin mining pool, why are the owners choosing to remain hidden from sight? The fact that the owners are purposely remaining anonymous here is more than enough to scare us off. It’s just a really big sign that something super shady is going on here.



Something that always distresses us the most about these kinds of crypto scams is when they ask for your Bitcoin wallet. The claim here is that the Satominer system needs to have your Bitcoin wallet address so they can send you the profits. However, this does not make sense on several levels. For one, the crypto mining here is said to mine for Satoshi, some bogus altcoin. So, why would the profits then be sent to you in the form of BTC? It just does not make a single lick of sense.

Moreover, these kinds of crypto mining scams are notorious for scamming people out of your money. Sure, you might think that it is just your wallet address, not actually access to it. However, chances are that this Satominer system employs a team of hackers with the express intent of cleaning out your wallet. We know for a fact that several victims who have invested here, have then had their BTC wallets emptied without consent. It’s just a way for these crooks to gain access to you BTC wallet, so don’t believe it.


Satominer App – The Company

Another red flag which popped up about this Satominer mining pool has to do with the company itself. Sure, the website,, lists Cyprus as the country of origin, but we found no evidence to back this up, none whatsoever. As far as we can tell, this is not a real company. It’s not an official legal entity and has no legal standing at all.

In other words, the company is a shell, a total fake, and does not have the right to take investments from people at all. If you look these guys up online, you will find exactly zero evidence to support the ridiculous claim that this is in any way a legitimate enterprise. It is just another cryptocurrency scam.


Satominer Mining Profits

The other thing that needs mentioning here is that the profits here seem totally ridiculous. Well, to be quite honest, we really do not know what the profit margins here are like at all. The problem is that the mining system supposedly mines for this altcoin known as Satoshi. However, the issue is that we are never told how much a single Satoshi is worth. Yeah, we are told that we can earn up to 10% in ROI per day, which on its own is already a ridiculous claim.

However, what is 10%, or we should say, 10% of what? We haven’t been told what the value of Satoshi is, and therefore it makes it impossible to know what the actual profits would look like. However, at the end of the day, no matter how you look at it, a daily 10% profit rate is impossible to achieve, especially through altcoin mining. Plus, we know that nobody has ever made a profit here. This cements the Satominer app’s reputation as a scam once and for all.



Satominer App – A Pyramid Scheme?

One thing which seems to be quite obvious about the Satominer app is that it is a pyramid scheme. We really hate pyramid schemes because they take advantage of vulnerable people. They exploit people for money, desperate people who just need to make a quick buck. It truly is scheming at its lowest. Anyway, the Satominer system includes this affiliate program. This affiliate program promises to provide you with commissions if you get friends and family to invest as well.

Yeah, if you did not already know, pyramid schemes actually are illegal. There’s also the fact that they never deliver results as promised. Here you can supposedly earn up to 30% in investment commissions through various affiliate levels. People, don’t believe this because it simply is not true in the least. We have it on good authority that nobody has ever received any form of commission from the Satominer affiliate program. It’s just a cheap trick, a way to widen their casting net and scam even more innocent people out of their money.


Satominer Program – Bogus Payouts

Something else which came to our attention about this Satominer mining app, is that the payouts featured on the main page seem to be completely fake. Sure, they list a bunch of random transactions, random payment amounts to various Bitcoin wallet addresses. However, there is simply no proof that any of these transactions are real.

We are just supposed to take these guys at face value, and it’s something that does not sit right with us. There is also the point that we have received multiple complaints about this Satominer mining app. As far as we can tell, not a single person has ever received profits here. It’s just another piece of evidence which speaks to the underhanded and criminal nature of this cryptocurrency mining scam.


Satominer Scam Review – Conclusion

The only thing left to say here is that you need to stay away from this Satominer mining scam at all costs. The only purpose it serves is to swindle you out of your hard earned money!

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