Crypton.Trading Scam Review – LEGIT?


If you are interested in automated cryptocurrency trading and are looking to make big profits, you might have looked at the Crypton.Trading investment program. Well, let us save you some time here, because there is a boat load of shady stuff going on here. We are here today doing this Crypton.Trading review to find out exactly what is going on with this shady crypto investment platform.


The Crypton.Trading Website

One of the first things that came to our attention here has to do with the look of the Crypton.Trading website. Simply put, it looks like total garbage combined with some off beginner website from the early 1990’s. By all means, it just looks super weird and it seems as though somebody plastered it together in a matter of mere minutes.

The Crypton.Trading site just does not feel or look legit or trustworthy in the least. It appears to have been created by a 12 year old child with limited knowledge of web design. Sure, this is not the be all and end all of the world, but it certainly does not inspire confidence in this so called cryptocurrency trading powerhoure.

Who Is In Charge Of Crypton.Trading Software?

The net big scam factor that popped up here has to do with the ownership and leadership team behind Crypton.Trading software. Simply put, there is absolutely no information at all. Yeah, the website claims that we can talk to the “CEO” through the provided email address. Well, for one, we tried emailing these crooks, and they never got back to us, which is already a bad sign.

However, we are also never told the name of this CEO, or shown a picture. Besides that, there is literally zero information in regards to ownership or leadership. This is perhaps one of the most suspicious and damming aspects of this Crypton.Trading scam. People, if this were a legit cryptocurrency investment program, the owners would be more than happy to let us know who they are.

What About The Company?

What also needs to be said about this Crypton.Trading investment program, is that the company is clearly bogus. For one, we are never shown any kind of proof that this company is real. No registrations certificates or nothing else.

The address provided on the website, which is for San Francisco in the USA, is totally fake. We looked the address up online and it definitely does not belong to this Crypton.Trading company. The same can be said for the phone numbers provided, both of which are bogus.

Finally, we looked up this Crypton.Trading company in the USA business registry. Of course, it is not actually registered at all. It is not a real company. It does not have any kind of legal authority or standing. If these criminals do actually take investments from people, they are not doing so within the boundaries of the law. As far as we can tell, this whole thing is one giant rip off.


How Does Crypton.Trading Software Work?

Another red flag which came to our attention about this Crypton.Trading service is that we are really never informed of how it works. Sure, we are informed that it uses lighting fast algorithms to calculate the best possible trading methods and signals.

However, past that, we are not told anything at all. What do these algorithms do exactly? Who created them? Which cryptocurrencies are being analyzed? What kind of analysis is being performed? These are all big questions we have about the inner workings of the Crypton.Trading system. It really does not sit right with us.

Folks, whenever you come across a cryptocurrency investment program like this, one that does not disclose any real details or information, you can rest assured that it is not legit. If these guys were the real deal, they would be way more forthcoming with valid and useful information.

Which Cryptocurrencies Does It Trade?

Yet another super suspicious aspect of this Crypton.Trading program has to do with the cryptocurrencies it actually trades. Yes, we are told that this is supposed to involve some super awesome algorithm that works at lightning speeds to make profitable trades for users. However, seeing as this is allegedly a cryptocurrency trading system, we do want to know which cryptocurrencies are being traded here.

There is not a single mention of which cryptocurrencies, whether Bitcoin or altcoins, are actually being traded here. This is something that we cannot easily get over. If we are expected to invest our hard earned money into this Crypton.Trading software, we definitely want to know which cryptocurrencies are being traded with. This severe lack of information does not inspire confidence in the least.


What Are The Profits Like With The Crypton.Trading App?

This is yet another scam factor that came to our attention. We simply are never told what the profit margins are like here. What is the daily ROI we can expect? What about the monthly or yearly ROI? Is there anything we need to know about payments or withdrawals? How exactly is our investment to be used?

Simply put, we are provided with exactly zero information regarding potential profits, ITM rates, or anything else of the sort. This is perhaps the biggest and most crucial problem that we have encountered regarding this Crypton.Trading scam. If we do not know what the profits are like, even a rough estimate, how are we to trust that any profits exist at all?

As far as we are concerned, this Crypton.Trading system is not profitable in the least. We personally have received quite a few complaints about this program. Specifically, people are claiming that their investments are just disappearing and not creating profits at all. This is a telltale sign that there is something very fishy and shady going on here.

Crypton.Trading Review – Final Thoughts

Folks, based on all of the evidence we have provided here today, it is pretty obvious that this Crypton.Trading investment program is not to be trusted. It is just another giant cryptocurrency trading and investment scam that is hell bent on stealing your money.

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