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OFFICIAL SCAM URL: claims to be this super high class investment solution that can yield massive returns through Bitcoin and Forex trading. Allegedly, the best investment plan here will provide you with a whopping 50,000% ROI after just 3 days. Yeah, that sure would translate into a whole lot of cold hard cash.

The claim here is that these guys have spent years servicing big time and large scale clients with huge investment portfolios. However, for one reason or another, has now opened up its investment services to small timers. Sure, it sounds like a good deal, and yes, both crypto and Forex trading can be quite lucrative.

However, there are quite a few inconsistencies here. Even worse, not only are there a number of inconsistencies, but there is also a general lack of information, not to mention a few lies and shady aspects that came to our attention too. At any rate, there is a lot to talk about here, so let’s get on with this review right now.

The BTC Midas LTD Company – The Real Deal?

Ok, so one of the most important things that came to our attention here has to do with the company behind, which is called BTC Midas Limited. Now, this company is indeed registered in the UK, and it can be found in the UK Companies House, under registration number 10481857. This much is true.

However, it all starts to fall apart after that. For one, it seems as though the name and address used for the registration are both bogus. If you did not know, the UK has a big problem with people using aliases or fake names, and fake addresses, to register companies. If you look up the address provided for the BTC Midas Limited company, it is also shared with over 300 other corporations.

It is a clear sign that something shifty is going on here. It is weird because the company is actually registered, but all of the registration details, such as phone numbers, names, and addresses, have all been faked.

Who Is In Charge Of

The next red flag that came to our attention in regards to is that the owners are not who they claim to be. If you look at the “about us” section on the website, you will see 3 faces, with the main one, David Cruzoe, claiming to be the CEO and founder. Well, this simply is not true at all. We looked him up and came up totally empty. He has no real social media activity, no entries on Wikipedia, and nothing else of the sort.

In other words, the image you see on the website is not David Cruzoe. It is a paid actor or model. In fact, we were able to find his face on Google. The same image that is supposed to be David, has been used countless times for other marketing campaigns and sales ploys. The point here is the people behind the BTC Midas investment program are going out of their way to stay anonymous.

They have used a model as a scapegoat, while doing everything in their power to make sure that we never find out who they are. Guys, this is always a surefire way to tell that there is a scam afoot. Unless there is something illegal going on, there would be no reason why the crooks behind would hide their true identities. Investment App – Ridiculous Profits

Perhaps the most ridiculous aspect of the investment service is the level of ROI we are promised. Apparently, if we invest a minimum of $3,000, we are guaranteed a 50,000% ROI after just 3 days. Even better is that there is no limit on how many times we can repeat this.

In other words, according to BTC Midas Limited, you can multiply your original investment by 500 times, not to mention that you get your principal investment back as well. This would mean that after 3 days, a $3,000 investment, would yield $1,500,000 in profits. This is way too good to be true. Turning three thousand dollars into 1.5 million dollars in 3 days simply cannot happen.

It really doesn’t matter what the investment strategy is, unless it involves knocking over a couple of banks. Making this kind of ROI in 3 days is not possible, never, not at all. Heck, achieving these results in 10 years would be nearly impossible, let alone in 3 days. Whether the system trades Bitcoin or Forex, you can rest assured that these profit levels are 100% impossible.

BTC Midas Limited – A Huge Ponzi Scheme!

Yet another red flag that came to our attention here is the fact that this program is also a Ponzi scheme. There is this ridiculous affiliate program in place here. Supposedly, if you refer others to invest here, you will receive 10% of all investments made. So, if your granny invests $1,000, you will get a cool $100.

This is just a way for the crooks behind to sucker in more people. They get you to do the heavy lifting with promises of free money. Of course, you will never get these commissions. We have gotten complaints from dozens of people in regards to this. Sure, they will happily steal your poor old granny’s money, but you won’t ever see a single crumb of those promised commissions. Review – Conclusion

When it comes down to it, the only thing that you really need to know about BTC Midas Limited, is that it is a total rip off. The owners are nowhere to be found and the company is registered with fake details. The promised profits here are way too high to be true, not to mention that there is absolutely no evidence that any profits exist at all. To top it all off, this whole thing is a massive Ponzi scheme that is ready to steal money from anybody and everybody!

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