Review – A CRYPTO SCAM? Review – A CRYPTO SCAM?

OFFICIAL SCAM SITE: is supposedly an awesome HYIP for cryptocurrencies, with daily returns of 15% for life. Yes, it definitely sounds really attractive. However, it is also very deceptive. This is our scam review and we are going to get to the bottom of what is going on here. Leadership & Company Status

The first scam factor of this HYIP that came to our attention has to do with company ownership and leadership. Well, as far as we can tell, there just is not any at all. Ok, so there is clearly somebody pulling the strings here, but we have no clue who that is. Whoever is pulling the strings has made sure to stay anonymous.

They don’t want us knowing who they are. Of course, this is a telltale sign that there is a scam going on here. There is no good reason why the owners of an actual profitable investment system would choose to remain hidden from sight. The only reason why they choose to remain anonymous is because they are doing something illegal. It really could not be any more obvious.

Next, the company is not registered or licensed at all. It has no legal standing in any single country on the face of this planet. In other words, it’s not actually a real company. Besides the website and an account for you to send money to, this business does not exist. It has not legal authority, it’s not regulated or licensed, and it certainly does not have the right to take investments from you.


How Does The HYIP Generate Profits?

We are informed that the HYIP is a trading platform for cryptocurrencies. Well, in fact, we as the user do not have to do any trading ourselves. We are told that we simply have to send these people some BTC, and they will do all of the hard work for us. Sure, trading cryptocurrencies is a legit business model, but there is something which stands out here.

Now, what is suspicious here is that we have no idea how the trading actually works. We aren’t informed whether there are real people doing the trading or the system is totally automated. Heck, we aren’t even shown any screenshots of the trading in action, or of the platform. There is absolutely no evidence to show that the system performs any crypto trading at all. Talk about suspicious.

What Are Profits With The System Like?

You are going to love this. According to the website, if you invest a certain amount of Bitcoin, you will get 15% in daily profits. Yeah, you heard right. If you invest 50 Bitcoin into the system, you will get a 15% daily ROI. Even better is that these returns are supposed to last for life. Talk about awesome money making potential, right? WRONG!

The fact of the matter is that gaining 15% in returns per day, every single day, for life, is not only highly unrealistic, but also totally impossible. Cryptocurrency trading is super volatile and risky. There is just no way to guarantee any kind of profits, especially not 15% daily for life. It’s a big claim, but with no merit to it and no evidence to back it up. You just can’t make those kinds of profits.

On a side note, we have received a good number of complaints from disgruntled scam victims here. As it seems, everybody who has signed up for the HYIP and sent them Bitcoin, has lost it all. In other words, nobody has made a single cent in profits here. It’s a really bad sign and it is indicative of a scam. Investment Platform – They Will Match Your Investment…..?

What is very suspicious and unrealistic about this investment platform is that it claims to match your investment for free. So, if you invest 50 Bitcoin, these guys will allegedly match it with another 50 BTC, for free, for you. For one, we know that it’s not true because we have already received a plethora of complaints from people.

Just think about it guys, why would these people give away free Bitcoin for no return? It would be a monumentally bad business model and it just does not make sense. Nobody every gives away anything for free, especially not this much. 50 Bitcoin is a whole lot of cash and nobody is just going to hand it over for no profits. It just does not make any sense at all. HYIP – A Ponzi & Pyramid Scheme

The other thing that we need to mention about this system is that it is clearly a Ponzi scheme. They promise massive returns to investors, guaranteed returns, but they just don’t ever materialize. It’s a classic Ponzi scheme.

Moreover, there is an affiliate referral program in place here. Supposedly, if you get someone to invest in the system through you, you will get a 6% cut of the action. While this is not totally illegal, it’s not true either. We know for a fact that these criminals never actually pay out the bonuses as promises. It’s a totally illegal pyramid and Ponzi scheme! Review – Final Thoughts

It is obvious that the HYIP is just another shady crypto scam. The only purpose it serves is to rip you off and steal money from you. It couldn’t be any more obvious. The owners are nowhere to be found and the business is not registered. The business model makes absolutely zero sense, plus profits don’t seem to exist at all.


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Automated Crypto System Sign Up

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