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The Topworth Investment Limited system claims to be a high powered Bitcoin mining robot that can provide massive monthly returns. According to these guys, if you send them some Bitcoin, you will get returns of 75% per month.


Topworth Investment Limited


Of course, this would be really nice, but on the other hand, it does not really seem realistic. 75% is a whole lot in terms of ROI, and we are not so confident that this is true. Yes, we have done quite a bit of digging into the Topworth Investment Limited mining app. As it stands right now, we have not been able to find any evidence which would confirm the statements made by these people. Heck, we don’t even really know who these people are.

There’s also the fact that they don’t offer us much in the way of proof that anything said here is the real deal. As far as we are concerned, there are quite a few scam factors that you need to look out for. You always have to be careful when it comes to BTC mining applications that make such grand claims. This is why we are here today doing this s Topworth Investment Limited review. We want to find out exactly what is going on here.

Topworth Investment Limited Leadership

One red flag which came to our attention here is that this Topworth Investment Limited mining system lacks transparency. In other words, the leadership does not show itself. Whoever is in charge here has gone out of their way to ensure that we have no idea who they are. Guys, there is always a reason for this, and it is not a good one.

Whenever we come across any kind of Bitcoin investment system that is anonymous, it automatically triggers our suspicions. The only reason why a company like this would choose to be anonymous is because it is doing something completely illegal. Why else would the owners of the Topworth Investment Limited mining app keep their identities a secret?

On that same note, the Topworth Investment Limited company does not appear to be legit either. The website provides us with a phone number, but no address or location, not even a country. We tried ringing the phone number, but nobody picked up. We could not get ahold of them.

Moreover, based on our research, it is safe to say that this company is not registered in the USA, UK, or any other country in the world. As far as we can tell, the company has no official or legal standing anywhere on planet earth. This means that it is not registered and it’s not licensed either. In other words, whatever this company is doing, it’s not doing so within the boundaries of the law. It appears to be a complete Bitcoin mining scam meant to rip you off.


Topworth Investment Limited User Testimonials

One aspect of the Topworth Investment Limited website which definitely does not inspire us with confidence is the user testimonials section. Yeah, the website features quite a few user testimonials from so called satisfied customers. However, they don’t really seem to be legitimate. The Topworth Investment Limited user testimonials actually look as though they are total bogus.

Topworth Investment Limited


The people who supposedly left testimonials are not genuine. For instance, there is an image of an old white lady, and apparently her name is Hasan. Guys, for one, an old white skinned woman is probably never going to be named Hasan. First off, that is a name often found in places like India and the Middle East, not in Europe or North America. There’s also the fact that it is a man’s name, not a woman’s name.

Sure, this could be a simple mistake on the part of Topworth Investment Limited software. However, it’s more likely that these user testimonials are just completely made up out of thin air. The people we see are just stock images, and their names are made up out of thin air. Whoever made the Topworth Investment Limited user testimonials did not even bother assigning the fictitious personalities with believable names!

Topworth Investment Limited Miner – Impossible Profits

So, we are informed that this Topworth Investment Limited app will deliver us 75% ROI per month off each investment. To the untrained eye, 75% might not sound like all that much. Well, it actually is. Heck, making as much as 5% per month off of a mining app, or any investment program, is nearly impossible.

Topworth Investment Limited

So, if making 5% ROI per month is high unlikely, how realistic do you think the claim of a 75% monthly ROI is? It all really does not make any sense whatsoever. This is all beside the fact that we are never told a single thing about the actual mining operation. Where is the mining facility located? How much of our investment is used for mining? What are the mining capabilities? The whole thing is just way too suspicious for us to get behind.

The Topworth Investment Limited Referral Program

Yet another red flag that came to our attention has to do with the Topworth Investment Limited’s referral program. The story here is that you will get a nice 10% cut of the action if you get others to invest through the referral program. So, if you get your friend to invest $1,000, you are supposed to receive $100 just for the trouble.

Topworth Investment Limited

Now, this is not technically illegal, although it does indicate that this is a pyramid scheme. Furthermore, what is illegal however, is how this Bitcoin miner never actually pays out the referral bonuses as advertised. This is called a lie. It’s nothing more than false advertising. These crooks are getting you to do the dirty work by convincing your poor grandma to invest her life savings into this junk. The Topworth Investment Limited app is a Ponzi scheme, as well as a pyramid scheme.

Topworth Investment Limited Review – Conclusion

When all has been said and done, it is fairly obvious that the Topworth Investment Limited mining program is junk. As far as we are concerned, it is just another cryptocurrency scheme meant to steal money from you.





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