FutureMine Scam Review: PROFITABLE ICO?

OFFICIAL SCAM URL: futuremine.co

If you are interested in investing in crypto ICOs, you might have taken a look at the Futuremine ICO. Well, these guys certainly do promise a whole lot of money for next to no work at all. Apparently, you can just send these guys a bunch of cash and they will triple it for you in just a few days.

They claim that they engage in Bitcoin mining, or actually in trading, or actually, well, we do not really know because the website is totally convoluted and super confusing. This is actually one of the reasons why we decided to do this Futuremine review. The whole thing looks like it was put together by a student that barely speaks English and has never used a computer before.

At any rate, this Futuremine initial coin offering claims to make big money for anybody that invests, but we have some really big doubts here. We came across a whole lot of scam factors which indicate that there is something fraudulent going on here, and we are not about to back off. We are here today doing this Futuremine scam review to keep you safe. We do not want you to get defrauded and lose your life savings because of a crypto ICO scam like this.


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FutureMine System – ANONYMOUS!

The Futuremine ICO is anonymous. The website at no point makes any kind of an attempt to even disguise this. As we have said so many times before, you just cannot trust your money with people when they refuse to reveal their true identities. It is just way too risky.



One thing that we know for sure about this Futuremine scam is the fact that it consists of a fake company. We are told that this business is officially registered in the UK. We did some research and came up empty. As far as the whole world is concerned, this company simply does not exist. It is pretty obvious why the registration document shown on the Futuremine website is blurred out and cannot actually be looked at. The reason is because the company does not really exist.

It is a hoax meant to fool people who do now know any better. In other words, this Futuremine app is also 100% unlicensed. This means that it is not legally allowed to accept investments from anybody, which it clearly does. Yet, they are not really taking investments as much as just robbing people like you of your hard earned cash.


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FutureMine Program – VERY CONFUSING!

The Futuremine system is actually very confusing. The name of it would imply that the way in which it makes money is by Mining Bitcoin or some other cryptocurrency. Yet, as is stated on the website, this is supposed to be an automated Bitcoin trading program. Apparently, it trades Bitcoin on various markets by buying low and selling high in order to make money. There is also a mention of other things too, including Forex, real estate, and other money making methods.

To be quite honest, this whole thing is nonsensical and it just does not add up at all. It seems as though the criminals in charge here just strung together a bunch of big words and fancy terms in the hopes of confusing the hell out of people to the point where they would just willingly hand over their money.



What is almost laughable here is that we are told that the Futuremine system can generate huge profits for us guaranteed. Ok, so first off, seeing as we do not really know how this service functions, this is already doubtable. Moreover, it is simply impossible to guarantee any amount of returns in the world of crypto trading. Markets go up, they go down, and they are highly unpredictable. There is no amount of programming that can mitigate 100% of the risk associated with cryptocurrency trading, so guaranteeing profits simply does not work.

Furthermore, we are told that the Futuremine program can generate 250% in ROI in 5 days, which would of course be very impressive. However, nearly tripling your money in just 5 days is also supper unachievable. This is not something that can be done. If making money with such ease were possible, we do not think that world poverty would be a thing anymore. There is also the fact that we have received hundreds of complaints from people who have been taken to the cleaners by this scam. Every last person who has ever invested money in this Futuremine scam ICO has lost it all.


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Something that we can say about this Futuremine ICO with absolute certainty is that it is both a Ponzi scheme and a pyramid scheme at the same time. For one, these guys promise huge returns guaranteed, but your investment never actually generates any ROI for you. This is exactly what a Ponzi scheme is.

In terms of being a pyramid scheme, here you are promised big affiliate referral commissions of up to 5% if you get your friends and family to invest money into this Futuremine crypto ICO. Now, taking the form of a pyramid is not necessarily illegal. However, these crooks never actually pay out the affiliate commissions as promised. This is definitely illegal. At any rate, if you try to get your friends and family to invest money here, all you are doing is helping to actively screw them out of their money.


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FutureMine Review – Conclusion

As you can see, there is nothing here which would indicate that the Futuremine ICO is in any way legit, honest, or trustworthy. Literally every single thing we can see here just screams at us to stay away. The Futuremine system is anonymous, it consists of a fake company, it promises ridiculous results, and it has never delivered any kind of profits to anybody out there! Please guys, just stay away from this cryptocurrency investment scam at all costs. It is designed to steal your money and it will do just that given the opportunity.





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