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The DigitroniQ trading app might seem like a reasonable choice to go with upon first glance. However, if you take a closer look, it becomes clear that there are many scam factors at play here. There is a lot to talk about, so let’s get on with this DigitroniQ scam review and keep you from getting scammed!


Digitroniq Scam


DigitroniQ System – ANONYMOUS!

One of the first things that came to our attention about this DigitroniQ software is that it lacks transparency in every single way. On the main website, during the presentation video, we are greeted by a man who calls himself Treyton Boyer. Well, all we ever get to see of him is a picture combined with some voice narration. Mind you, the script being read here is a terrible script and the narrator does an even worse job at delivering his lines.

It sounds like this is his first time even looking at the script. The problem with voice narration is that it makes it impossible to confirm that the person who is supposedly talking is the real deal. When it comes to the DigitroniQ app and Treyton, it is pretty obvious that the image used to portray him is just a random stolen or purchased stock image.

The man we see in the image is not the same man that is talking, his name is definitely not Treyton Boyer, and he absolutely is not the leader of this DigitroniQ system. In fact, besides talking in the video, the narrator has nothing to do with this FX trading app at all. The point here is that this FX trading scam is completely anonymous, faceless, and lacks transparency. This is a really big problem.

If we are expected to trust our money with any kind of Forex trading system like this, we want to know who is in charge. Not only do we want to know who is in charge, but we also want to know that they are honest and reliable. Seeing as we know for a fact that this system is anonymous, there is no way that we can possibly trust it with our hard earned cash.


Digitroniq Scam


DigitroniQ User Testimonials – BOGUS!

Yet another telltale sign that there is a scam afoot here has to do with the DigitroniQ user testimonials. We really do not know whether to laugh or cry here. The reason for this is because the testimonials are so laughably fake and fraudulent. It is so obvious that none of the DigitroniQ user testimonials are genuine in the least. They all feature random stock images that have obciously been taken, stolen, or purchased from other websites.

These images have been combined with fake names. The point here is that not only are these reviews overly positive, too good to be believable, but they were not written by satisfied users of this DigitroniQ system. The bottom line is that there are in fact no satisfied users of this FX trading application. The reason for this is because it is a scam and it is meant to rip people off. These testimonials are not real, legit, or genuine in any way, shape, or form, and they are not to be trusted in the least.


Digitroniq Scam


DigitroniQ App & Impossible Profits

Did you know that the DigitroniQ system claims that you can make over $7,500 per day guaranteed? Awesome, right? Well, of course, this is not true in the least. Do you really think that you can turn on some crappy automated trading system, let it run for a few hours, and come back to nearly $10K sitting in your bank account? Life just does not work like that guys.

Even if this DigitroniQ app were at all legit, which it is not, there is no way, not even in a frozen over hell, that it could ever pull in that kind of ROI. Sure, the best apps in the world might be able to generate a couple thousand bucks per day at most, but that is already pushing it. There is also the fact that every single person we have talked to has said the same thing about this DigitroniQ system. They deposited their money into their trading accounts and it simply disappeared right before their very eyes.


Digitroniq Scam



Another red flag that came to our attention in regards to this DigitroniQ software is that it employs classic pressure tactics. These pressure tactics are often used in scams and things like informecials to sell less than desirable products. The point here is to create pressure on the viewer. Here the claim is that if you do not sign up now “YOU ARE MAKING A BIG MISTAKE”. Apparently, this is our “LAST OPPORTUNITY TO SIGN UP FOR FREE”.

Well, this is not true at all and is nothing more than a marketing tactic, a lie, and a lowdown way to try and get people to sign up right now. This is nothing more than a trick meant to force people to sign up for the DigitroniQ system immediately, before you can consider the consequences. Folks, this is not your last chance to sign up for free. It is a lie, and besides, even if it was your last chance, you are not missing out on anything at all.


Digitroniq Scam


DigitroniQ Software & SCAM BROKERS!

The next sign that this whole DigitroniQ trading system is a scam, is that there is no legit broker in sight here. If you use an FX trading platform, you obviously need to have a reputable broker in your arsenal. However, the only broker that you can use here is not registered, certified, or licensed. In other words, the broker being used here is totally illegal and fraudulent. The main purpose of this broker is to steal your money when you deposit it into your trading account. It serves no other purpose than to rob you blind.

DigitroniQ Scam Review – Final Thoughts

Guys, the DigitroniQ system is a scam and it is meant to steal from you. There is nothing else to it. Just stay away from this terrible Forex trading scam because it will cost you everything you have.




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