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TAI Robotic Indicator Software is a fairly new Forex and binary options trading program. It is one that we have already talked about a few times before. The reason why we are back at it again today is because it is one of the best programs that we have ever seen. The Tai Robotic Indicator app was created by Alex Knecht, a true computer programming genius. He may not have known all that much about trading, but he certainly knew how to create a killer program.

People around the world have been hailing this program for its extreme profit potential and high reliability. Even better is that we have not received a single complaint about it yet. Both of these signs are extremely positive. There is absolutely no doubt in our minds that TAI Robotic Indicator software is the next big thing in terms of FX and BO trading.


Of course, we had to try this software for ourselves, which we have now been doing ever since it was released. The fact of the matter is that we have been able to achieve better results with this piece of software than we have even been able to accomplish before. We are genuinely surprised with just how well this program works. We are doing an updated TAI Robotic Indicator review and you need to read it. There is a lot going on here which you need to know about, so let’s get right to it.


TAI Robotic Indicator Trading Software – No Complaints Yet

This may sound like a really dumb thing to say, but we are quite impressed by the amount of complaints lodged against this program. To be exact, we have not come into contact with a single person who has complained about any one aspect of this program. Sure, there have been some minor glitches and setbacks, but generally speaking, people have been ecstatic with the results provided by this groundbreaking development in trading software.

There are so many different scams out there, all of which are looking to steal the money of the users. The reason we say that we are so impressed that there are no complaints is maybe just because the overwhelming majority of trading platforms are scams. We are just really happy to announce that this is one of the first trading services in a very long time that is truly honest, reliable, and highly profitable. These guys are not hiding any secrets and they don’t tell lies. This is something that we greatly appreciate.


TAI Robotic Indicator Trading Results

So, there are quite a few different methods of trading when it comes to TAI Robotic Indicator trading software. Also, depending on the trading mode you are using, you can select from a variety of options. What we need to say is that the results and the money generated by this trading program have been astounding. Let’s talk about just how much money this revolutionary piece of trading software has been able to make for us.

Full Auto Mode

The fully automated mode is perhaps the easiest to use, mainly because the only work to be done from your end is turning the program on. We found this to be very convenient and time efficient. No joke, we actually turned this program on, went out for lunch, and came back to some money already having been made. With the full auto mode, we managed to achieve ITM rates averaging around 85%, with daily profits of around $650 to $750. That is pretty good indeed. If you are a newbie, use this full auto mode of TAI Robotic Indicator.

Semi-automated Mode 

Now, this is a little tricky, because depending on how much experience you have with this type of trading, things can go either way. The semi-auto mode does require you to know a fair amount about the type of trading you are engaging in. This is because there is a fair amount of choice involved here. The good part is that if you are like us and you know the ins and outs of BO or FX trading, you can make some really good money. We were able to generate over $800 per day with an average winning trade rate of 88%, sometimes even closer to 89%. The bad part here is that if you don’t know what you are doing, you could lose your money. If you are more experienced at trading, you should use TAI Robotic Indicator in the semi-auto mode.

Social Trading Mode 

This social trading mode is somewhat temperamental, but it does have some really good moments. Social trading more or less lets you vote on trades and copy the trades made throughout the day. Ideally, you are going to be copying the most successful trades for your own benefit. We found that luck does have some role to play here. Some people’s trades seem really good at first and then totally tank, while others are even better than they first appear. The point is that we achieved ITM rates as low as 78% and as high as 88%, with daily profits ranging anywhere from $500 to $800. TAI Robotic Indicator, the social trading mode, is fairly reliable indeed, so you can definitely use it too.


Why We Like TAI Robotic Indicator

There are a few other reasons why we really like this particular piece of software, so let’s just mention those really quick.

  • We love how the TAI Robotic Indicator app’s interface and the platform are very user-friendly.
  • We like how the platform has many different educational and analysis tools.
  • We like the extensive variety of trading modes, options, and trading strategies used by TAI Robotic Indicator software.
  • We like how this trading app only uses the most reliable brokers around.
  • We like that TAI Robotic Indicator software is run by a real person with real credentials and even better skills.




TAI Robotic Indicator Review – Conclusion

The bottom line is that we are even happier with TAI Robotic Indicator software than we were when we first started using it. At the end of the day, this is the only program that we would currently recommend for all of your trading activities.

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