Million Dollar Bot Scam Review – RELIABLE?


The Million Dollar Bot app is a new binary options trading service that is extremely dangerous. Usually, we love binary options and Forex trading tools. When a good service is released, it can seriously help generate a good profit. The problem is of course that many of the systems that are available to us are nothing but scams. Our suspicions about Million Dollar Bot software being a scam were confirmed when we started doing some snooping and digging around. It turns out that Million Dollar Bot scam software is not all that it is cracked up to be.

Appearances can be very deceiving, which is definitely the case here. We managed to dig up a whole lot of evidence which clearly indicates that Million Dollar Bot trading software is a total rip off. Literally, everything about this crappy system is a complete lie. It is not here to make money for you. It is here to take money from you, which is why we are here doing a Million Dollar Bot scam review. This scam is rife with deception, false promises, and boldfaced lies, so let’s get to chopping it down a few notches.


Million Dollar Bot App – Thomas Cooper

One of the first red flags that came to our attention about this ridiculous trading software has to do with the “owner” himself. During the low budget and terribly filmed presentation video, we are greeted by a man who calls himself Thomas Cooper. Thom starts spinning this grand narrative of how he battled through the adversity that is our world in order to become successful. He claims to be some big time binary options trading guru, one who even had his own little trading firm for a short time.

He claims that he created Million Dollar Bot scam software in order to help out the little guys in this world. Thomas Cooper definitely looks the part and he actually manages to read his lines without stumbling too much. Yeah, the fact of the matter is that Mr Cooper is indeed a paid actor. We did extensive research on him and the only real search results we came up with were in relation to this bogus BO trading system.

He does not have any records of employment anywhere, no record of schooling, and surely no record of having owned a company. Heck, we could not even find a Facebook or Twitter profile for this phoney bologna guy. He is nothing more than a paid actor hired by the real crooks behind this terrible piece of junk. The real creators obviously want to stay anonymous because of legal reasons. They know their actions are illegal and would land them in jail, so they use this Thomas Cooper guy as a scapegoat to cover their butts.



Million Dollar Bot User Testimonials – FAKE!

Speaking of paid actors, let’s quickly talk about the user testimonials on the Million Dollar Bot website. There are a whole bunch of testimonials, some video and some written, of people who have supposedly used this software to make a good income on a regular basis. Well, would it surprise you to find out that every single last one of those reviews and testimonials is one hundred percent fabricated?

Trust us when we say that nothing about this program is legitimate or honest. All of the video testimonials are done by paid actors. We were actually able to find their profiles on, an actor for hire website. As for the written reviews, they were clearly manufactured by the same scum bags that created Million Dollar Bot software. They just wrote a load of overly positive horse crap and combined it with stolen pictures of random people from image databases.

Million Dollar Bot Scam Software – Bad Brokers

Whenever we invest money with a trading service, we want to be sure that only the best and most reliable brokers are being used to handle our cash. Well, this is not the case with this program. Million Dollar Bot software only uses unlicensed and unregulated brokers. This is how they steal your money with any legal repercussions.




Million Dollar Bot Trading Software – Low Down Marketing

Something else which brings us to the conclusion that this trading software is fraudulent is in relation to the widgets on their website. These crooks try to pull the whole only 25 spots available trick to try and pressure people into signing up before the time runs out. Well, this is nothing but trickery. Every time you refresh the website, the ticker goes back to its original position.

This is also true for the ticker that “counts” the profits of Million Dollar Bot scam software in “real time”. If you close the page and open the website again, the profit counter always starts back from the same place it was last time. Clearly, both of these widgets are totally fake and meant to lure you into forking over your hard earned money to these crooks.


How Does The Million Dollar Bot App Work?

This is a question we definitely want an answer to if we are expected to invest any amount of money with this service. However, we are never given an explanation in regards to the inner workings of this horrible trading app. These clowns literally tell us that our software is fast and it works well. This is not nearly a good enough explanation to gain our trust. It is useless, it is nonsensical, and it does not do anything to convince us that this app is legit in any way. Have these guys ever heard of trading strategies?

Million Dollar Bot Scam Review Conclusion

At the end of the day, it is painfully obvious that the one and only purpose of this scam is to drain your trading account. There is nothing honest about this total pile of garbage. It is a giant cash grabbing scheme and it is out to get you!

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