“Alive In 5”- SCAM, LIES, FAKE, Cheating!!! Warning!!!

Alive in 5 is one of the latest entries in the automatic trading world and it does try to convey quite a lot of interesting ideas and it also delivers some amazing promises. The idea is that they want to make your life easier by offering a very easy to use system to help you trade only automatically without a problem. But is this a scam or not? Can this fishy looking binary software bot really generate a ton of money for us? Let’s find that out! For those who are interested in this new binary options autotrader, please DO NOT sign up before reading this Alive In 5 scam exposure review. We always recommend our readers to do as much in-depth research as possible before registering with any service, this means reading as many articles related to the product or service as possible. It’s always better to be safe rather than SORRY. 

Website Being Exposed: www.alivein5.co

alive in 5

One thing is certain when you use Alive in 5, this system does manage to offer a very good value and a professional user experience. At least on paper. The reality is that the Alive in 5 is a full scam and you can see that right from the start. The Porsche vehicle that the owner claims he earned using this system is actually a rental, as a proof once we started digging.

It belongs to MCARCOMPANY.com so there’s no way this can be real. On top of that, you can also see that the promises are wild, with five figures very fast and the like. Honestly, it’s really hard to access the results you might want with them because even the images of their clients are fake, a testament of the fact that you are not required to use your credit card in order to use the system is also bogus and misleading. The truth is that user will still be required to make a minimum deposit of $250 into brokers account. We really don’t like that creators/ developers are not honest with viewers from very beginning. This is a major RED flag. 

Let’s take a look at their website design. The site is well done, but the reality is that there are many portions which are stolen from other websites, so even if the end result seems legit, the reality is far from that to be honest. They have a multitude of pressuring mechanics that basically make you act as fast as possible with the premise of making tons of money. It does sound good on paper but there is no specific evidence that this platform works well and honestly the results do not manage to pay off at the end of the day. Remember, if something looks too good to be true, then it probably is a scam. 

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You will need to invest at least $250 in order to see the results and to trade, at least that’s what they say and honestly there have already been quite a lot of people that were scammed with “Alive In 5” fake trading system, according to other websites and blogs. It’s really hard to figure out the results with such an investment and unfortunately Alive in 5 has no way to show that the results you can get is real. Everything in their website is purely fake and fabricated. With so many specific scammy instances on the site, it’s pretty clear that what you get is a very bad experience and you should try to stay away from them if you don’t want to lose your hard earned $250.

!!!!! VERDICT: ALIVE in 5 is 100% Total SCAM Service, Stay away and warn your friends and beloved ones !!!!!

Of course, just like most of the scams out there, this one also seems too good to be true. When something is like this, then most likely the reality is that it really is too good to be true. The Alive in 5 is a fabricated tool, it features actors, cheaters and it’s not legit at all. It has a trash piece of code and its main purpose is to deceive you of money the best way they can. It’s unfortunate but Alive in 5 is a true scam and by far one of the most elaborate ones. You should totally avoid it if you want to invest your money into something that matters and find other solutions that are legit here on our website. In case you have signed up and got scammed by “Alive In 5” fraudulent service please contact us immediately and we will help you to get your money back at no cost. We are regulated blog and we are here to protect fellow traders. 

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