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The new year is finally here and the Automated Crypto System app is better than ever. If you have never traded with it before, there is really no better time to get started than right now. Yes, trading, whether FX or cryptocurrencies, can be a bit intimidating, but that is what we are here to help with right now!

Automated Crypto System Trading – Stick To Forex For Now

Yes, as the name of the whole system implies, the Automated Crypto System program was primarily designed for trading cryptocurrencies. There is no doubt about this. Now, we do have to say that this software has provided us with some truly stunning results when it comes to trading cryptocurrencies. There is nothing to argue here. It has turned out to be one of the most profitable cryptocurrency trading applications in the world.

However, there is at this time a slight issue. The issue does not lie with the Automated Crypto System app, but with the cryptocurrency market itself. If you have been paying attention to the market, you know that cryptocurrencies are in a bearish state across the board. The prices are not very good and volatility is at an all-time low. For those of your trading with the Automated Crypto System program, it means that making money trading cryptocurrencies is going to be hard.

Yet, there is good news here. The good news is that the Automated Crypto System program is also designed for trading Forex and indices. It actually does this exceedingly well too. Due to the current state of the cryptocurrency market, it is highly recommended that for now, you stick to trading FX and indices with it. We will let you know when it is once again safe to use this autotrader to trade cryptocurrencies, but for now, we would not do so.

Trading At The Right Times & With The Right Amounts

For the year of 2019, if you are a newbie trader, and just starting out with the Automated Crypto System app, there are some things you need to know. As a beginner, it is important that you do a good job at mitigating risk and slowly working your way into things. Sure, a pro trader can easily invest $500 per trade and feel comfortable about it. However, of course, when you invest that much cash into a single trade, you are risking a lot. Therefore, as a newbie, until you get the hang of things, only invest around $100 per trade. You can always move up after you have gained some experience.

On that same note, you should also be careful to not place way too many trades at once. Just like investing too much cash into a single trade, placing too many trades at once with Automated Crypto System software can also lead to disaster. As a beginner, we would recommend that you have no more than 3 or 4 open positions at any given time. It takes quite a bit of work and concentration to keep track of just 1 or 2 trades, so any more than 3 or 4, for a beginner, is going to be impossible to follow.

Finally, you also want to ensure that you trade during the proper times. Folks, when using the Automated Crypto System app, there are right and wrong times to trade. First off, just stop trading on weekends. The markets are not open on Saturday or Sunday, and therefore trading on the weekend is totally useless. Only trading during the week. Moreover, also make sure that you stick to the 9 AM to 7 PM trading window that we always talk about. Keep in mind that this is for anybody who lives in the GMT time zone. If you do not live in the GMT time zone, you need to make the approrpirate calculations so you are within the proper trading window.

Automated Crypto System Software – Don’t Forget To Use The Features

One of the most important tips that we can give you in regards to Automated Crypto System software, is to take advantage of the all of the useful features which are included. We have noticed that many people just are not using the included features, and this leads to losses. For one, the confidence rating is a feature that you definitely want to take advantage of.

If you will notice, below each currency pairing and trading asset on the Automated Crypto System platform, you will see a numeric percentage. This percentage is what is referred to as the confidence factor. This is something you never want to ignore while trading, as it tells you the exact chances of a trade being lost or won. For instance, one pairing might have a confidence factor of 50% and another of 75%. The higher percentage is the one you want to trade with. When all is said and done, just don’t ever place trades that display a confidence rating lower than 75%. It just is not worth the risk.

The other Automated Crypto System feature that you definitely need to take advantage of is the economic calendar. There is one specific thing that you are looking for in the economic calendar. This is 3 Bull News. Guys, we really cannot stress strongly enough just how important this really is. Any currency, national currency, which is experiencing 3 Bull News, needs to stayed away from. For the time being, if there are any currencies displaying 3 Bull News releases, just choose others to trade with.

Automated Crypto System New Year Tips – Final Thoughts

When all is said and done, the Automated Crypto System app is simply the best trading platform in the world. This is true whether you use it to trade cryptocurrencies, Forex, or indices. Whatever you do, always follow the tips we provide here as they will provide you with the biggest and best profit making opportunities.

Automated Crypto System Sign Up

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