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The Bitcoin mining operation promised to provide you with massive profits several times per week. The website looks legit enough, but there are some pretty shady aspects that need a closer look. We are here today doing this review to keep you and your money safe. – Who Runs The Show?

Of course, when it comes to company leadership, the website is totally void of information. There is not a single mention of a CEO, CFO, of programmers, marketers, or maintenance personnel. This is very suspicious to say the least. The system promises absolutely massive returns, which would be nice if it were true. Why do the owners of this system choose to remain anonymous?

Folks, we have said it before and will say it a million times again. You simply cannot trust any anonymous cryptocurrency investment system, whether it has to do with mining or trading. There is only one reason why the real people behind this HYIP choose to remain hidden from sight. It is because they are doing something totally illegal. Unless this is a scam, there is just no good reason why the owners would keep their identities a secret. It is all just way too suspicious for us to get behind. – The Company Behind It

Something else that is super suspicious about this system has to do with the company behind it. The name of the company is supposedly the Bit Crypto Investment Company. The website provides us with some contact details. Apparently, this company is located in Australia, and the website even provides us with an address. Well, all of these lies were not very hard for us to debunk.

For one, the contact info on the website is certainly bogus. We tried calling and emailing these guys, but both the phone number and email seem to be out of service. In other words, they simply are not real. The same thing can be said for the so called HQ address. All it took was for us to Google Map the address to realize that it does not exist in real life.

In terms of the company itself, well, Australia has certainly never heard of it. We scoured the Australian business registry, and of course, we came up totally empty. At the end of the day, it is made very clear that The Bit Crypto Investment Company is not a real company at all. It is just a shell, an illegal and unregistered entity designed to take money out of your pocket. – How Does It Generate Profits?

This is yet another very shady aspect of the system. Sure, we are told that this is a Bitcoin mining solution. However, past that, we are not provided with any useful information whatsoever. How many BTC are mined per day? What kind of mining hardware and software is being used? What is the hash rate? How much of our investment is being put towards mining? Where are the mining facilities located?

These are all vital questions we want answers to. After all, those are just the most basic questions which any and every investor should have answers to before being asked to stick money into Where do these crooks get off promising us such huge returns when they won’t even provide us with crucial information about the Bitcoin mining process itself? The whole thing is just way too shady and suspicious. This lack of information definitely signals that something nefarious is going on here. – Impossible Returns

Perhaps the most suspicious aspect of this program has to do with the massive returns we are promised. As the story goes, the best investment package will provide us with an 85% ROI, 4 times per week, for 1 week. Also, apparently, you can invest as many times as you want, and you will keep receiving returns.

Guys, if you are not already aware, Bitcoin mining simply is not all that profitable anymore. Sure, it can still generate some profits, but not nearly as much as is promised here. Do you really think that you can make a 340% ROI in just 7 days? Even the best and most legitimate investment programs in the world do not allow for this.

Now, ludicrous claims aside, there is also the fact that we have gotten dozens of complaints from disgruntled investors. From what we can tell, not a single investor who has forked over their money to has ever made a profit. Appearances can be deceiving. The crooks behind the mining program simply steal your money and take it for themselves. There is no Bitoin or cryptocurrency mining going on here. It is all just a bunch of lies meant to trick you into giving these criminals your hard earned money. Crypto Mining just is not very profitable, even if this scam were legit. – A Bogus Affiliate Program

The other aspect of the program which seems very suspicious to us has to do with the affiliate program. Supposedly, if you get friends and family to invest money here, you will be rewarded with 7% of the investment, plus a $2 bonus as well. The $2 bonus, while not unreasonable, is definitely funny. A couple of dollars hardly seems worth the effort to try and sucker your family and friends into investing.

There is also the fact that a 7% bonus does seem very high. Heck, what company gives away almost 10% of all investments for nothing at all? It really does not make sense. Finally, we know that nobody has gotten these affiliate bonuses. We have talked to nearly 100 disgruntled investors and they all said the same thing. They sent their cash to, and then it simply disappeared. Of course, no affiliate bonuses ever materialized. Scam Review – Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, the only thing left to say about this program is that it is a rip off. There is no way that you will ever make money here. This is a Bitcoin mining scam and its sole purpose is to steal money from you!

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