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The Triera Group HYIP is allegedly this super high yield Forex investment system with a 3,000% in just 25 days. Yes, it definitely sounds like a very attractive deal for investors. However, we are a bit suspicious of it. The Triera Group system has a bunch of red flags that came to our attention. In other words, there are some big time scam factors here which we just cannot get over. This is our Triera Group scam review and we are here to find out exactly what is going on here.

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Triera Group Investment Platform – Anonymous!

The first red flag that popped up here has to do with Triera Group company leadership. The website provides absolutely no real information in terms of leadership. In other words, the company is anonymous and faceless. This is something that always makes us very suspicious.

Unless there is something shady and illegal going on, there is just no good reason why the owners would purposely choose to remain hidden. The reason why these crooks choose to stay hidden within a shroud of anonymity is because they don’t want us knowing who they are. The people behind the Triera Group app are scammers, they steal from people, and they stay hidden from sight to dodge legal repercussions.


Triera Group LTD – Company Status

Something that came to our attention right away about the Triera Group Limited company, is that it does not appear to be a real or official company at all. The website displays a company number for the UK Companies House. However, this certificate and the company number is totally fake. It is made up on the spot, and certainly not real at all.

In other words, the Triera Group HYIP is lying about being official, registered, or licensed. It’s not a real company and it has no official or legal standing anywhere on planet earth. It has absolutely no right to take any kind of investments from you or anybody else. Besides the website and a nifty account for you to deposit money into, the company is totally non-existent.

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Triera Group HYIP – How Does It Work?

Well, the Triera Group program is apparently a Forex trading service. Now, it’s not the kind of service where you have to make trades on your own. Supposedly, you just have to send these guys your cash, and they will do all of the heavy lifting for you. So, just send in your money, and you will get money back without having to do any work whatsoever. Sounds like a great deal right?

Yeah, it’s not as awesome as it sounds. For one, nobody is going to give you such massive profits as is promised here for no work involved on your end. Second, we are never shown any kind of Forex trading platform, and we aren’t told what kind of software is being used here.

We aren’t informed of any real trading strategies, or if the trading is done by humans or a fully automated app. What we mean to say is that there actually absolutely no evidence of any actual Forex trading going on here. If we are expected to trust these people, the Triera Group system, with our cash, we want to know the exact business model and how the trading is performed. Such a monumental lack of information definitely does not sit right with us.

How Much Money Can The Triera Group HYIP Generate?

Something which definitely needs to be spoken about here is the absolutely ridiculous profit margins which the Triera Group investment system promises. These claim that their highest and best investment package will make you filthy rich. The best VIP package promises a 3,000% ROI in just 25 days.

Guys, this would mean that your original investment would be more than doubled every single day. That’s a multiplication factor of 30 in just 25 days. Does this really sound realistic to you? Honestly, we don’t care which currencies are being traded or what trading strategies are in use. The fact of the matter is that those profit levels are simply unrealistic, unattainable, and 100% impossible.

Even if the Triera Group system did actually trade as claimed, even if there were some profits to speak of, nobody can guarantee such high profits through Forex trading. Heck, guaranteeing any profits at all is not possible when it comes to trading. Foreign exchange trading can be quite risky, and your money can be lost. There simply is no guarantee and these crooks are lying through their teeth about it.

It is also worth noting that the alleged payouts featured on the website, the latest payouts, appear to be totally bogus. The payouts are assigned to random user names, and there is no way to prove that these are real at all. The Triera Group HYIP is just a little too shady for us to put our trust in, let alone our hard earned money.

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Triera Group Investment Platform – A Pyramid Scheme?

Something that we are 100% certain about when it comes to this Triera Group HYIP, is that it is a pyramid scheme. This investment platform features a 3% referral bonus for referrals. In other words, there is an affiliate program in place. Now, this in itself is not technically illegal. However, what is not legal, not by far, is how the Triera Group system never actually pays out these bonuses.

Sure, they will happily take a few thousand bucks from your sweet granny, but you won’t ever see that 3% bonus as promised. This investment platform is just widening their casting net by doing this. They are getting you to do the heavy lifting by getting you to actively scam your friends and family out of their money.

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Triera Group Scam Review – Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that this Triera Group HYIP is a total scam. It’s a rip off and you are the target of it. The only purpose which this Forex HYIP serves is to steal money from innocent investors, so please stay away from it!

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