BitAeon Scam Review – PROFITABLE HYIP?


The BitAeon HYIP claims to engage in crypto mining and trading, Forex trading, and so much more. It’s said to be able to generate 3% profit per day for the rest of your life. Whether or not this is true is what this BitAeon review is all about. Let’s get to it!


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BitAeon App Leadership

The first thing that came to our attention here is that the BitAeon program does not appear to have any leadership at all. The website itself is suspiciously quiet in regards to the topic of who owns or operates this cryptocurrency investment platform. There is literally not a single mention on the website of who is in charge here. This is something which definitely arouses our suspicions.

Seriously guys, unless there is something illegal going on, there is no reason why these guys would choose to hide their identities. The fact that these crooks choose to remain anonymous is a telltale sign that something shady is going on here. Chances are that the BitAeon systems steals money from people, so the scumbags in charge don’t want us knowing who they actually are.

BitAeon Program – The Company

The claim here is that BitAeon Limited is a real and registered company in the UK. The website provides us with some basic contact details and an address. Well, when we looked up the address, it turned out that it absolutely does not belong to this company. Moreover, the contact details are totally phony too. However, that is not even the worst part. displays a so called company registration certificate from the UK Companies House. However, when we actually went to look this company up in the UK business registry, it was nowhere to be found. In other words, BitAeon Limited is not an official company and it has no legal status. This goes for the UK and every other country in this world.


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The point here is that the BitAeon company and app are not actually registered. They have no legal standing and no authority to accept investments from people. Whatever these guys are doing, whether it is cryptocurrency trading, Forex trading, Bitcoin mining, or any of the other activities they claim to engage in, they are not doing so legally. It’s all one huge illegal operation, and chances are that it’s meant to scam you out of your money.

How Does The BitAeon HYIP Work?

The story here is that the BitAeon program engages in all kinds of different activities to put money in your pocket. Apparently, it is a multifaceted cryptocurrency and Forex investment system, one that generates profits in multiple different ways. The claim is that the BitAeon system engages in Forex trading, cryptocurrency trading, Bitcoin Mining, it invests in startup companies, and much more. Other activities include P2P exchange, P2P lending, and digital exchanging too.

This is so sad and ridiculous that we do not know whether we should be laughing or crying. Guys, there is absolutely no evidence to support any of these claims. There’s literally not a single shred of proof to show that the BitAeon system engages in any of these so called profit making activities. In terms of a lending and exchange platform, there is nothing to show.


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Moreover, we are not told whether the crypto and Forex trading happens through some kind of specialized autotrader, or if there are real people doing the trading. What software is in use? What kinds of assets are traded? How much risk is involved? There’s just no information at all. The same can be said for the claim about Bitcoin mining. Where are the mining facilities located? What is the hash rate and what are the mining capabilities?

There are just so many questions here that remain totally unanswered. The BitAeon system makes so many grand claims. However, it does not even try to back any of them up. Folks, whenever you come across a multifaceted invested platform like this, one that offers no information or proof, you can rest assured that something super shady is going on.

BitAeon Investment Platform – How Much Money?

One of the most ridiculous claims here is that the BitAeon system can generate 3% returns per day, with 1.5% returns on weekends. This would equate to 18% in returns per week, or 72% returns per month. Now, this might sound realistic, but no, it just is not. Even if the BitAeon system did engage in such a diverse array of investment tactics, making close to 75% per month in ROI is just not realistic. Heck, some people would even say that it is downright impossible.


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Sure, you might be able to make this kind of ROI if you invest in a stock that explodes in value for one reason or another. However, being able to generate 3% per day, for the rest of your life, is just impossible, no matter what. This is beside the point that we have received complaints from hundreds of people so far. Everyone who has come into contact with this BitAeon app has lost all of their money and never made a profit. It’s clear as day that this BitAeon software is a total scam.

BitAeon Investment System – The Ponzi Scheme

The other thing that we want to mention about this BitAeon HYIP is that it is clearly a Ponzi scheme. At the same time, it is also a pyramid scheme. This can be seen by the fact that there is a ridiculous affiliate program in place. The story here is that you can supposedly earn up to 10% in commissions if you get others to invest in the BitAeon system.

Folks, nobody gives away free money, and if they did, it surely would not be a whopping 10%. This is just another way for these crooks to widen their net and screw as many people out of as much money as possible. You won’t ever get any bonuses here.


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BitAeon Scam Review – Conclusion

We have covered everything there is to say about this BitAeon scam. There is not a single honest claim made here. This crypto HYIP is designed to steal money from people. It’s highway robbery at its finest.





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