Coin Profit Scam Review: LEGIT ICO?


The Coin Profit ICO claims to be a super profitable and risk free investment opportunity for crypto lovers. However, both of those claims are horribly bogus. We have found plenty of evidence to support out point that this Coin Profit initial coin offering is a scam. This is our Coin Profit review and we are here to shut this ludicrous scam down once and for all!





One of the most confusing aspects of this Coin Profit ICO is that it really does not tell us what it is all about. An initial coin offering for crypto should come with a clear roadmap and a whitepaper, or in other words, a solid plan for the future. However, this crypto initial coin offering does not provide us with any of these details at all. With an ICO, there is supposed to be an actual new cryptocurrency coin released, with values, a call sign, and all.

However, there is seemingly no new cryptocurrency being created here, nor is there a solid business plan, nor are there any other details provided. All that we are ever told is that this Coin Profit system is going to provide us with big returns through automated crypto trading. This certainly does not sound or look like a legit ICO, not one bit. There is literally no useful or coherent information available here which would indicate that this Coin Profit program is a real ICO, not in the least.


Coin Profit System – MINING OR TRADING?

What is also quite confusing about this Coin Profit ICO is that at first, on the main website, we are told that this is going to be an automated crypto trading system. Sure, that would be perfectly fine. However, later on, we are told that this is a cryptocurrency mining company, which mines cryptos for profits. This is confusing because these crooks flip-flip back and forth. So, is this a crypto mining operation, a trading system, or both? It is really never made clear to us.

Either way, whether trading, mining, or both, we are not provided with any real info about either of these activities. If it is in terms of mining, we are not told where the mining facilities are, what the overhead is, or what coins are being mined. In terms of trading, well, there is just no information given, not even in regards to a basic trading strategy. This is super suspicious to say the very least!


Coin Profit Program – UNREALISTIC RETURNS!

What we do know for a fact is that this Coin Profit ICO claims to provide the investor with returns that have never been seen before. We are told that this initial coin offering can provide us with up to 8% daily returns. Therefore, if we do the math for a whole month, a one-time investment of $1,000 would read to a total monthly profit of $24,000. Folks, it really does not matter whether this is claimed to be made through mining or trading, because either way it is totally unrealistic. These kinds of returns simply cannot be achieved.

Seriously, these criminals claim that you can multiply your money by a factor of 24 in a single month. Do you really think that this is doable? The answer here is a resounding no. All of the people we have been in contact so far have confirmed that they have yet to receive any kind of payout here, which is more than enough to scare us off for good. It is painfully obvious that this Coin Profit program does not generate returns at all. The people behind it simply want to steal the money you invest, and they will leave you hanging out to dry. These crooks have no intention of ever paying you any kind of money. They are thieves.




Coin Profit ICO Scam – ANONYMOUS!

Something that is indeed extremely suspicious here is that we are never informed of who owns, operates, or manages this Coin Profit system. Nowhere on the website are we provided with any real or coherent details in regards to the ownership or leadership of this cryptocurrency ICO.

This is not a good sign, not at all. If this ICO were real, the owners would have no problem letting us know who they are. The only reason why these guys are choosing to remain anonymous is because they are doing something illegal and fraudulent. Folks, these guys are crooked thieves, so they clearly are not about to let us know their true and real identities!


Coin Profit App – A FAKE COMPANY!

What we also know for a fact is that the company behind this Coin Profit ICO, CP International Business LTD, is totally fake and fraudulent. These crooks, on the website, show us a bunch of incorporation and business documents which are meant to prove the legitimacy of this company. However, of course, we know for a fact that these documents are 100% bogus.

You can go look this company up in the UK and you will not find a single shred of evidence that it exists at all. The documents we are shown are totally forged and created by the criminals selling us this junk. Heck, even the company number and the official address provided are both totally false as well. As far as we can tell, beside the website, this Coin Profit ICO and the CP International Business LTD company do not exist in real life.




The Coin Profit Affiliate Program – A PONZI SCHEME!

The Coin Profit system also comes with an affiliate referral program. This means that you can get your friends and family to invest in this system, and you will be rewarded with commissions. Supposedly, there are 3 tiers of commissions here. Folks, this makes the Coin Profit app a Ponzi scheme and a pyramid scheme rolled into one, a totally illegal one at that. They never provide any returns on investments and they certainly do not pay out the affiliate bonuses as promised either. This whole Coin Profit scam is just an easy way to steal your money!



Coin Profit Scam Review – Conclusion

The bottom line is that the Coin Profit ICO is a total rip off and nothing more than a monumental exercise in thievery, so please stay as far away from it as you can!




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