Epix Trader EA, also known as Epix Trader Expert Advisor, is the newest and best Forex trading platform on the market. It is a truly fantastic piece of software that we have had the liberty of using for the last week or so. We say that it is a liberty to be using Epix Trader EA because it has truly been a pleasure to use it. After all, we have been able to make a profit with it and at the end of the day, that’s all that really matters.


Tina D’Angelo and Mark Evans are the two geniuses behind Epix Trader EA and boy did they ever do a great job at creating an awesome piece of foreign exchange trading software. Mark and Tina did have some help in the form of a world renowned economist and author, George Soros.

Soros wrote a trading book in which he discusses several theories, one of which is the theory of reflexivity, which is what Epix Trader EA is based on. Various advanced algorithms, the teachings of an economics guru, and the expertise of two amazing people have all come together to form the absolute best Forex trading platform that we have ever had the privilege of using. Let’s learn a little more about this intuitive and highly functional program.

What Is Epix Trader EA?

Like we already touched on before, Epix Trader EA is a semi-automated forex trading platform. It does not provide signals for you, so you do need to download it and install it on a free signal provider such as MetaTrader 4. This is a highly advanced trading program which is based on the teachings of George Soros.

One of the main components is of course Soros’ theory of reflexivity, which states that the market tends towards disequilibrium, and that traders should focus not only on trends, but on trend reversals too. This is exactly what Epix Trader EA strives to do, plus a whole lot more too.

Rest assured that this program is highly secured, it does not leak your personal or banking info, and it is connected to some of the most reputable brokers on the planet. The reason it is called an Expert Advisor is because it helps give you amazing advice and it only chooses the best of the best signals to trader with. To be clear, the reason why this program is so revolutionary is because it focuses on trend reversals, as opposed to other programs which really only look at trends (for the most part).

How Does Epix Trader EA Generate Profits?

The really interesting part about Epix Trader EA is that it combines several different theories, trading methods, and highly specialized algorithms to generate a profit. All of these things work together in one way or another to provide you with the best signals possible. It really takes all of the work out of trading for you, which is of course very convenient. Of course, the main strategy here is to focus on trend reversals, but we already covered that, so let’s look at the other components of this foreign exchange money machine.

The first method of trading which is utilized by Epix Trader EA is that of Forex scalping. If you don’t know what scalping is, well, it isn’t illegally selling football tickets outside of the stadium. It is actually a trading strategy where traders make very small trades with small investments and extremely short time frames, anywhere between 30 seconds and 10 minutes.

These trades are not all that profitable on their own, but they certainly start to add up when you make several dozen or even several hundred trades per day. This is kind of like the stock market investment method of diversification. Making lots of smaller trades minimizes the risk of loss and maximizes the profit potential in virtually any trading situation.


Epix Trader EA – The Algorithms

Combined with Forex scalping are 5 highly advanced algorithms which help to decide which signals have the most profit potential. We did some previous Epix Trader EA reviews where we said that there are three main algorithms in play here, which is technically true, but there are another two which add some more weight to the equation.

To keep things short and simple, the five algorithms in play are the BP Trend Filter, Relative Price Impulse, Price Pattern, Market Deviation, and Stat Price Range. The interesting part here is that all five of the algorithms have to indicate on the same signal for it to be recognized as a profitable opportunity. If even one of these algorithms does not indicate a certain signal, Epix Trader EA will not recognize it a as a valuable trade to make. This is awesome because it helps to really narrow down the list and minimize the risk if losing a trade.


Epix Trader EA – Profit Potential

Since we have had the privilege of using this software for a number of days now, we can give you a reasonable assessment of what you can expect in terms of profit potential. Since we began using Epix Trader EA, we have had a constant ITM rate of anywhere between 70% and 83%. Now, a 70 percent winning trade rate might not sound all that high, but it is certainly better than the countless scams out there which simply steak your money.

Sure, 70% might sound a little low, but it still means that well over half of the trades you make will be successful, so much so that you will definitely end up making a decent profit. As far as we can tell, the ROI or return on investment for our daily trades have hovered between 18% and 25%, which in all reality is quite good. So, in other words, if you make one thousand dollars’ worth of Forex trades in a day, you should end up profiting by a minimum of $200.


Epix Trader EA Review Conclusion

The bottom line is that Epix Trader EA is without a doubt the most advanced, specialized, functional, and profitable semi-automated foreign exchange trading platform on the market today. Stop losing all of your money with senseless trades when you could be making big profits with this ultra-reliable program!

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