Dubai Lifestyle Scam Exposure Review

This is extremely vital review where we have gathered more than enough information regards Dubai Lifestyle software by Scott HathawayDubai Lifestyle App is a brand new automated trading platform that has gone viral on the internet in the last few days. People everywhere have been getting popups while they surf the internet and have their email in boxes full of invites telling them that Dubai Lifestyle App is the next best investment for them. The trading program itself was created by a man that we know as Scott Hathaway, a man who gives us fake promises that he made this autotrading program to make all of our lives better.

Somehow we doubt that because people usually only aim to improve their own quality of life, not everyone else’s. Everything that we have seen so far is a complete scam and we have no reason to trust these crooks. What we are told by Scott about The Dubai Lifestyle App is all a lie and we have our doubts about Scott himself. Keep reading this scam review because if you don’t, you may end up making the biggest mistake of your life.


Dubai Lifestyle software Scam review

Scott claims to be the sole owner of Dubai Lifestyle software and he says that he created the whole thing from scratch. He claims that he was sick and tired of watching people struggle to make ends meet so he set out on an adventure in order to create a binary trading program that anybody could use to make a big pile of cash with minimal effort. Scott’s travels took him to Dubai and when he went there he only had $500 dollars in his pocket. Luckily in Dubai he met the Mahmood brothers who donated 500,000 dollars so Scott could start making The Dubai Lifestyle App. After he got that huge donation he proceeded to hire programmers and engineers, people so talented that they made this miracle program in under half a year.

Real or FAKE Story?

Well we have some big problems with this story. First of all, you don’t just move to Dubai with 500 dollars because it’s one of the world’s most expensive cities. Having that little amount of cash in Dubai isn’t going to get you very far and you might just be able to survive for about a week, but no more. Should we also mention that we have no idea who Scott is. We know his name is Scott, but is he a professor, is he a trader, is he a financial guru?

What we mean to say is that somebody doesn’t just up and decide to make a binary options trading platform without having some knowledge in the industry. This leads us to believe that Scott isn’t really who he says he is. Furthermore, who just donates half a million dollars to a startup that might not work? People in Dubai have gotten rich through investment, not through donations! People don’t just give away money and we have a hard time believing that these Mahmood brothers, whom we also know nothing about, donated a fat stack of cash to something they had no clue about.

Plus as we will talk about further in later parts, it definitely does not look as though anybody actually put that much time or cash into Dubai Lifestyle App. Their website and everything else about them looks like a low budget movie made by a fourth grade student. This whole story sounds like a big load of crap and it is definitely not to be believed.

More stupid Lies?

Ok so now that we have debunked Scott’s bogus story, it’s time to go all Myth Busters on Scott Himself. Do you not find it interesting that The Dubai Lifestyle App presentation video features a voice over narration style? All we ever get to see of Scott Hathaway is a picture and we only get to hear him talk as a narrator. This is always very suspicious because a large accredited and legitimate company owner that has become very successful isn’t going to hide his identity.

Instead he would parade himself, gloat, and tell people how successful he is. Furthermore a little visit to Google images revealed something even more interesting. The picture we see, the picture that is supposed to be Scott, is just a stock photo ripped off of Google images. This guy is a fraud, a fake, and a fictitious personality that really doesn’t exist.



Believing that he is the real brain behind Dubai Lifestyle scam software is like getting a picture frame from Home Depot, giving it to your family, and telling them that the stock photo of a pretty woman it came with is actually your wife! In fact we also found that Scott, or rather his picture, has also been used for several other scams in the past.

Quite a few other scams have used his photo to portray the business owner and creator, yet when we watch the videos from all of these scams, Scott’s voice miraculously changes every time. Furthermore we found no real evidence that this Scott Hathaway really exists. All we managed to find about him was in connection to The Dubai Lifestyle scam and they were all fraudulent reviews and complaints filed against his auto trading platform.

Real Peoples Testimonials?

Another thing that we just can’t take at face value when it comes to The Dubai Lifestyle software is the multitude of testimonials that we see on their website. There are a ton of overly positive reviews written by various people about The Dubai Lifestyle App and they all claim that this miracle program made them rich. We have a really hard time believing this because every single last one of the people who wrote the testimonials don’t actually exist.

Just like Scott, all of the people who wrote the testimonials are FAKE! No social media accounts and no real presence anywhere. Moreover the actors we see in the presentation video are just that, actors. None of the people we see or hear from have ever actually used The Dubai Lifestyle App!

Conclusion: Dubai Lifestyle software is SCAM, stay away and save your hard earned money!

We haven’t even gotten into the lies that The Dubai Lifestyle App about the profits it can generate, and that doesn’t matter. We aren’t going to be fooled into trusting a program with our money when the creators behind it clearly don’t want their identities to be revealed. All of this is just a little too suspicious for us! will leave you in no doubt that the Dubai Lifestyle App is not a legitimate site! Dubai Lifestyle app is nasty scam! Dubai Lifestyle App is without a doubt a typical scam!

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